Halo Tora have been working with Solareye (Dave Hook of Stanley Odd) to create a single from the band's recent release, Man of Stone: First Chapter. This single is the title track from the record, 'Man of Stone', and focuses on mental health and the pitfalls therein.

Within the creative arts, mental health is often overlooked due to the respective art form itself being misconceived as a 'hobby', or 'not a real job', however, this could not be further from the truth. Breaking down the stigma and confronting mental health issues in the creative arts (and beyond) is something the band and all those involved want to pursue, and with the help of SAMH (Scottish Mental Health Association) and Creative Scotland, we are working towards more support, research and resources surrounding the issue. With members of the band personally affected by this, we feel it's something we can give insight to and potentially help others in the same position.

All revenue from the donations contributed to this single release will be going directly to SAMH, furthering the outstanding work they have been providing since 1923.

On behalf of the band, Solareye, and those affected by the issues we are working to combat, thank you for taking the time to get involved and making a difference to something we believe in.